How to do PMP (Project Management Professional)

Why to get Certified? In field either you are in engineering, medical, judicial, surveyor or any other department; you need some certifications for your better growth […]

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project schedule

6 Steps to Make a Project Schedule

What is a Project Schedule? A project schedule is basically a model or graphical representation of activities. This schedule is developed by analyzing different type of […]

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latest trends

Latest Trends in Project Management

Latest Trends in Project Management As project management is an emerging area of study and interest to its practitioners, so we can expect some changes in […]

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knowledge areas

Knowledge Areas of Project Management

Knowledge Areas of Project Management The knowledge areas of project management describe project management practices and knowledge in term of its inherent processes. According to PMBOK […]

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PMBOK – An Introduction

Introduction to PMBOK We as a human always require some direction, a guidance for every new thing we plan or started to do, and we don’t […]

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