Advanced Project Planning and Scheduling with Primavera P6

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Welcome to 'Advanced Project Planning and Scheduling with Primavera P6' online training course. This course is brought to you by CEM Solutions, who are providing construction engineering and management services worldwide for about 10 years. This course is an ultimate solution for the people who want to learn advanced planning & scheduling concepts, together with their implementation on Primavera P6.

This course is uniquely designed to meet the requirements of an advanced-level planning engineer. Emphasis has been given to understanding the core planning concepts, rather than just developing a schedule. A schedule with no planning sense, will not only cause trouble in project controlling, but it’s also a question mark on the integrity of the planning engineer. This course is particularly beneficial for the ‘Engineering & Construction’ industry, but others can also use the concepts to schedule their projects.

This course is based on extensive research, real-world challenges, the experience of industry experts, and exercises based on actual projects. We have also included an extensive practice of using Microsoft Excel together with Primavera P6. This will not only speed up the scheduling process but will also aid in the management and accuracy of schedule data. The course also includes many templates, samples, tools, and other useful resources, which will help you a lot in your projects.

This course is an ultimate solution for the people looking for an advanced level planning & scheduling course. Also, if you have an upcoming interview, use this course to learn the concepts quickly and effectively.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll now and start learning the concepts 'NOW'.

Course Contents

Section 1: Introduction & Schedule Planning

Lecture 1: Introduction to this Course & Course Objectives

Lecture 2: Difference Between Planner and Scheduler

Lecture 3: Planning the Project Schedule

Lecture 4: Download & Install Primavera P6

​Section 2: Planning Project Scope and WBS

Lecture 5: Case Study Project - Part 01

Lecture 6: Case Study Project - Part 02

Lecture 7: CSI Formats & Their Use in Project Scope Management

Lecture 8: Importance of a Project WBS

Lecture 9: Types of Work Breakdown Structure

Lecture 10: Guidelines to Create an Effective WBS

Lecture 11: Standard WBS for Construction Projects

Lecture 12: Generating Sample Project WBS in Primavera P6

Lecture 13: Exporting WBS from P6 to MS Excel

Lecture 14: Generating Project WBS in P6 using MS Excel

Lecture 15: Publishing Project WBS

Section 3: Calendars (Advanced)

Lecture 16: Calendars - A Quick Recap

Lecture 17: Understanding Time Periods

Lecture 18: Understanding Summary Durations

Lecture 19: Using Multiple Calendars in Primavera P6

Section 4: Schedule Risk Planning

Lecture 20: Introduction to Schedule Risk Planning

Lecture 21: Risk Planning in Primavera P6

Lecture 22: Risk Planning for Weather Uncertainties

Section 5: Project Engineering & Procurement Planning

Lecture 23: Introduction to Engineering & Procurement Planning

Lecture 24: Engineering & Procurement Process

Lecture 25: Incorporating Engineering & Procurement in Project Schedule

Lecture 26: Procurement Strategies for Long Lead Items

Section 6: Generating Project Activities

Lecture 27: Guidelines to Create Effective Activity IDs and Descriptions

Lecture 28: Identifying & Listing Activities in MS Excel

Lecture 29: Importing Activities from MS Excel to Primavera P6

Section 7: Estimating & Assigning Cost & Resources

Lecture 30: Introduction to Cost and Resource Analysis

Lecture 31: Conducting Quantities and Cost Analysis

Lecture 32: Concept of Crew Size & Resource Productivities

Lecture 33: Concept of Man-hours in Resource Planning

Lecture 34: Productivity Analysis of an Excavator

Lecture 35: Guidelines to Estimate Duration of Activities

Section 7: Estimating & Assigning Cost & Resources (Continued)

Lecture 36: Creating Resource Database in MS Excel

Lecture 37: Estimating Activity Durations and Resource Requirements

Lecture 38: Importing Activity Durations, Cost & Man-hours from MS Excel to Primavera P6

Lecture 39: Importing Quantities from MS Excel to P6

Lecture 40: Importing Individual Resources from MS Excel to P6

Lecture 41: Completing Duration & Resource Assignments in P6

Lecture 42: Understanding and Assigning Activity Codes

Lecture 43: Understanding and Assigning Cost Accounts

Section 8: Developing Schedule Logic

Lecture 44: Getting Started with the Schedule Logic

Lecture 45: Understanding and Avoiding Missing Logic

Lecture 46: Things to Consider while Adding Relationships

Lecture 47: Things to Consider while Adding Constraints

Lecture 48: Adding Relationships & Initial Scheduling in P6

Lecture 49: Linking Enabling and Engineering Activities

Lecture 50: Linking Procurement Activities

Lecture 51: Creating & Interconnecting Multiple Scope Elements

Lecture 52: Carrying out Resource Optimization

Lecture 53: Completing the Schedule

Lecture 54: Carrying out the Formwork Analysis

Lecture 55: Critical, Longest and Multiple Float Paths

Lecture 56: Who Owns the Float

Section 9: Project Schedule Assessment

Lecture 57: Reviewing the Schedule Log

Lecture 58: DCMA's 14 Checks for Schedule Assessment

Lecture 59: DCMA's Critical Path Test & Calculation of Indices

Lecture 60: Tools for Schedule Assessment

Lecture 61: Schedule Review Checklist

Lecture 62: Schedule Assessment - Practice

Section 10: Publishing the Baseline Schedule

Lecture 63: Addressing Resource Overallocation

Lecture 64: Developing Cumulative Resource Requirements

Lecture 65: Developing Individual Resource Requirements

Lecture 66: Developing a Stacked Histogram for Resources

Lecture 67: Developing Project Cost Requirements

Lecture 68: Developing KPI Charts for Material Resources

Lecture 69: Submission of Complete Planning Package

Section 11: Conclusion

Lecture 70: Ending is the New Beginning


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This course was very useful for me. I learned how to handle and manage a project effectively. 5 out of 5 stars.

Engr. Mairaj Zafar
Pakistan Engineering Council

I highly recommend this Primavera P6 online course. The guidance is clear and concise. Instructors provide excellent overview of Project Management and Primavera as a tool.

Dean L Bateman 

Voice coach is clear and the speed of the presentation is great.

Ahmad Akmal 

Great course !!!!

Yahya Malik 

​This course is detailed and well presented. I thoroughly enjoyed it. This course covers everything you need to know in details. The instructor did a good Job. Thank You.

Uzonna Okonkwo 

​A good course for that explains you things from the very basic. Highly recommended!! Thumps up CEM Solutions 🙂

Muhammad Ali Hassan 

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