Consistency and Workability Difference

Consistency and workability are often confused with one another. Workability means the ease with which concrete can be moved and placed in forms without segregation . Consistency, on the other […]

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admixtures of concrete

Chemical Admixtures of Concrete

What are Admixtures? Admixtures are natural or artificially manufactured chemical substances which are mixed with the concrete before or during mixing to enhance its properties. Commonly […]

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Slump Test for Concrete

Slump test is used to measure consistency of fresh concrete mix. Consistency and workability are often confused with one another. Consistency is degree of wetness of concrete. Or you can […]

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Properties of Fresh Concrete

Properties of Fresh Concrete Fresh concrete means the concrete which is just mixed and is about to place in the forms. Properties of fresh concrete controls […]

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cracks in concrete

Types of Cracks in Concrete

Types of Cracks in Concrete Concrete expands and contracts as other construction materials do whenever there is change in temperature or moisture. Concrete also deflects due […]

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