Project Management

PMI Certifications for Planning Engineers

In today’s dynamic and complex business environment, effective project management is crucial for organizations to achieve their goals and deliver successful outcomes. Within the field of […]

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10 Basic Interview Questions for a Planning Engineer

This article explains the 10 most common interview questions for a planning engineer. These are highly likely to be asked in most of the interviews. 1. […]

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risk management

Importance of Risk Management in Projects

Importance of Risk Management Risk is regularly considered as an event that will have a negative effect on the project, therefore tends to avoid it. According […]

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emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence in Project Management

Emotional Intelligence and Project Management Project Management typically includes all the steps from initiating the project till its successful handover. But as the world is evolving, […]

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agile and waterfall

Agile and Waterfall – Benefits of Blending the Two

     Most of you will be familiar with agile and waterfall methodology, and you will be applying these on your projects. But what if we use combination […]

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