The boom in construction industry market can be visualized in different parts of the world. Latest technologies have a huge impact on fast completion of construction projects as compared to past practice. About 40 years ago construction drawing was hectic work to perform. A number of people are required to complete construction drawings and design information was not much organized at that time. It was difficult to sort out important information and revising of drawing take a long time. Autodesk platform provided construction consumers 2d drafting software such as AutoCAD for making construction drawing more easy and quick. Along with 3D modeling visualization of a complex project before completion becomes easy. Large and complex construction project involved detailed information exchange, however; Autodesk AutoCAD 3D feature couldn’t fulfill the requirement efficiently.

autodesk-revitBIM 3D modeling process is introduced in the construction industry to ease the exchange of information in 3D model. Project delivery system and communication between all stakeholders become more efficient as compared to the previous practice followed. Autodesk platform provides construction consumer variety of software’s to practice BIM process in a completely 3D environment. The variety of software’s includes Autodesk Civil 3D, InfraWorks, Formit, Revit, NavisWorks, and much more. Autodesk Revit is considered as one of the famous software of 3D BIM modeling. It provides a complete environment for 3D modeling in architecture design, MEP, structure design, and construction. Autodesk Revit software provides 4 different types of project templates as shown in the figure below. From construction template to mechanical template each template has some similarity along with some difference according to the purpose it serves for the consumer. For example, in architecture template, 3D environment for architecture design such as walls and floor is provided. While in structure template and construction template, there is focus on the footing, column, and slab 3D modeling. 

autodesk revit
autodesk revitAutodesk Revit along with project template provided a variety set of family folders according to region. Each folder contains multiple families for the single component of a 3D model such as doors, windows and column type. Autodesk Revit provides its user more friendly environment by giving region wise families. It contains the 3D model component that is used in that particular region only. The editing feature in Revit provided more flexibility to its user. They can freely edit geometry of families according to design requirements of each project. A complete set of library can be developed with the help of Autodesk Revit for each similar design projects. Revit software has eased the exchange of design information of each project using 3D BIM software.

autodesk revitIt also provides wide range material properties that can be assigned to each model component along with manual addition function. Rendering features of Revit software provide real effects to 3D model according to their material colors and properties provided. It aids the designer to visualize its work in a rich environment before completion of construction. 3D visualization of the model from different angles help the user to provide design information at each smaller portion. More over the analysis of energy information for building helps to design more energy efficient building. It also analyzes the load cases acting on the structure of the building. Autodesk Revit is a complete package for civil engineers, architectures and planners to design, analyze and quantify the project more easily and quickly.

The scheduling and quantification function provide user to estimate quantities very quickly. Autodesk Revit automatically calculates quantities of families of material through its quantity takeoff feature. Autodesk Revit also collaborates well with other softwares of Autodesk. It uses DWG, DFX, IFC format files for its compatibility with Infrawork, Formit, Google Sketch up that uses the similar format. Autodesk Revit gives intelligence to its 3D model by parametric modeling technique. It is practice in past mainly by aircraft designer for checking multiple designs within less time. Parametric modeling in Revit allows connecting model component with each other which aids the designer to test multiple designs within few times. This technique in Autodesk Revit helps to select more energy efficient and low-cost designs. For example, if two walls in a 3D model are connected with each other and if we modify one wall height the other wall will follow the similar pattern.


This powerful 3D BIM modeling tool provided by Autodesk platform reduces many problems in construction projects before its start. It is useful for all stakeholders of the construction industry from Client to Contractor. The understanding of complex design using the 3D model in Autodesk Revit become easier with reduced design alteration during construction work.

Learning of such powerful tool with complete command on its basis will allow all construction industry to grow more efficiently. It will also help the construction industry to give more productivity. The adaption of such tools especially at government projects will help to groom the construction industry of the country. Addition of such software in your career and in your resume will provide confidence in your personality to compete with bigger giants of the construction industry.


Hassnain Raza

With masters in Construction Management from Hanyang University, Mr. Hassnain has a good grip on different engineering softwares like Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Civil 3D, Primavera P6 and many others.

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