Latest Trends in Project Management

As project management is an emerging area of study and interest to its practitioners, so we can expect some changes in old methodologies and adaptation of new concepts. Market forces continue to influence how businesses manage their projects. Here are some latest trends that we would see in project management industry in 2016.

Expansion of Project Management into Non-Project Platforms

Project management principles, concepts and best practices are being applied and adopted by numerous businesses and non-project management industries, majorly by logistics and sales. Performance of such organizations are revised and benefited by PM ideas which can be seen as enhanced customer loyalty, expanded efficiency and more grounded key arrangements.

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Project Management has expanded in Non-Project Platforms like Logistics and Sales

Market Domination of Microsoft Project is Contracting

There is such a large number of project management software including alternatives of Microsoft Project that organizations are reluctant to start, that are far from the business standard. Project management teams are expected to use Windows bandwagon in 2016 that would give more shrinkage to the domination of Microsoft Project on whole industry. As indicated by version one study, “Many respondents utilized Microsoft Project or Excel, despite satisfaction level was high with arrangements constructed particularly for Agiles”.

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“Bring Your Own Device” will bring more options to Project Management Software

latest trendsThroughout 2015, this trend has been making waves in all industries and adding to high development in mobile project management software. The idea behind this pattern is that, organizations permit their employees to utilize their own PCs, tablets, cell phones and different gadgets for performing their work. Particularly, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) implies that not all technologies that use in workplaces are up-to-dated. A new prospect calls attentions that BYOD will likewise represent various difficulties to the profession of project management.

Popularity of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for Project Management Software

Companies wanted to safely attach their customer relationship management (CRM) programming to Project management framework and the other way round; API usefulness will turn into an industry standard. Its security and adaptability will be at the heart of project management software.

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Integration of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Project Management (PM) in Project Management Software is a latest trend

A company named LiquidPlanner clarifies: “The combination of Project management and customer relationship management platforms connect the gap by trading information among sales and development. Regardless of the possibility that if they have rivalry, even then API can give clarity between the two frameworks”. Numerous other project management software arrangements have embraced this trend besides LiquidPlanner.

Experience Demanded – Trouble entering the profession

As Project management profession has built some grounds in industry, employers are interested to recruit experienced persons. Many are opposed to hire non-experienced project personnel. This in turn creates hindrance for new comers into this profession. Thus, there is no simple way for entering into project management career. Associations ought to give a chance to young project managers; they might be inspired by the devotion and energy it conveys to their team members. A decent step for new entrants is to take necessary qualification of project management – as to give some names- Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), Associate Project Management Professional (APMP) or Project Management Professional (PMP). Qualification demonstrates a readiness and seriousness to progress and becoming a project manager.

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List of Project Management Certifications offered by Project Management Institute (PMI)

Variety of Project Managers through DevOps

DevOps is, from various perspectives, an umbrella idea that points out anything that smooths out the cooperation amongst operations and developments. There has always been a line drawn between them in history, but the trend is evolving and it will profoundly affect project management. The project manager in a DevOps situation is developing into a greater extent an intermediary part because their traditional tasks are rationalized by the automation and cloud platforms. The project manager must oversee the changing and clashes between the teams and still need to negotiate and resolve internal and external issues.

Attention Leaders- Project Managers & their Team
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Sharing is Caring!

Although every person can’t be an editor or writer, but now we see more development in the significance of content marketing for organizations as well as thought leadership. Project managers and project teams are progressively approached to be emerging as subject matter experts and content writers for organization’s blog posts etc. This doesn’t imply that each team member or project manager has to become a journalist; it simply means they must show signs of improvement at catching their project and group’s stories during the project life cycle. The best time for securing the information is in the execution phase, not when staff is more centered on delivering the product/services.

Enlightening the key role of Project Manager

As project management is no more pretty much dealing with the triple constraint of project but instead, about showing direct and solid business impact as well as achieving project solutions quicker. A year ago the trend around system was about fetching two sections nearer i.e Project management will make a major step nearer to business strategy. But this year the trend is slightly change, it would be more about how the project manager can think deliberately and give more focus on his role in minimizing the gap among execution and strategy.

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Popularity and Durability of Agile Project Management

Agile is one key word that is on everyone’s lips. It shows its popularity in project management industry as a new strategy, an emerging new way to deal with project management, providing a restoring change from conventionally slow and inconvenient methods. Agile project management was born last year and now organizations are making use of it. It depends on quick solutions, value speed and emphasis on doing it right first time. Agile is picking up grip by providing advantages to major projects and benefits to clients by giving them clarity of the items early in the manufacturing stage. It also permits changes to settle the faults before fulfillment.

Modifications in Change Management System

Previously change management grows into more complicated for activities of project. Last year the trend of project management with respect to change management blending increases and turned out to be its utilization in organizations. Plus reinforcing the abilities expected to manage changes. Most of the organizations are going to adjust their procedures to end up more centered around their end customers/consumers. Project managers also worked with their stakeholders to create another change management system that is more qualified and agile for their users.


Project management is no more confined away a side of the room. It leads, stands up front and being embraced by every organization in this century. Established and ground breaking companies comprehend its usefulness and are contributing intensely to guarantee their members and stakeholders to have what it takes to convey most extreme effect.

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