Poor planning, not overcame obstacles in the project lifecycle, as well as impaired collaboration are the root of most of the project failures.

These hindrances are tearing up the schedule, faltering the delivery time, reducing the resources and undermining the customers’ trust.

A lot of surveys have found that improving the managing of the projects leads to increasing of the key performance metrics.

The success of the project management initiative in the contemporary organizations, companies and enterprises is tied to the tools they use.

While the fundamental steps of planning and executing a project haven’t essentially changed since the hundred years prior to Giza, the recent decades’ project managing has seen a huge shift in the attitudes, approaches and the particular tools used.

For data and financial heavy positions, spreadsheets still have a tremendous amount of value. But for tracking productivity, encouraging collaboration, and sharing information, spreadsheets are quite limited.

With the right combination of convention and software, project management can arouse significant valuable changes that can incite the business forward. That arises the need for supplementing the managing operations and reporting with intuitive tools. That’s why software programs used for managing projects have become so prevalent, prized and popularized over the last decade.

In project management, the project execution benefits from tight tracking, but unfortunately, proprietary software is usually expensive or ransomed via subscription fees as well as its using complexity. Even in these cases, the market has a solution, offering project viewers for the parties which are not contributing directly in the process of planning and scheduling.

With Project Viewer one can view, read, update the project progress, share and print project management software’s files without PM software license.

Here are 5 reasons showing that a project viewer is an effective solution for successfully completed projects.

1. Cutting costs

While project managers and schedulers are those who create plans in the software, other members in the team just need to open and view the plans, but not to edit them. Project Viewers are tools which are specifically developed for the team members that only need to read the software files. And as it costs much less than a PM software standard license, having a project viewer enables the fraction of the cost of the software licensing and save funds.

On the other side, the project viewer is easy-to-use solution with no need for additional training cost.

2. Time saving

Project viewers are saving quite time for schedulers – they do not need to create different screenshots for each team in PDF. The project viewers are programmed with an interface which looks pretty similar to the native software, for example Microsoft Project or Primavera P6. so learning to work with the project plans doesn’t take much of your time, in other words it saves wasting time on additional training.

So, having project viewer is the perfect solution for those who aren’t willing to waste significant time, money and energy.

3. Visibility

Project viewers support display software files’ view with almost 100% accuracy which allows dynamic overview, advanced filtering and simple send of progress update. With the dynamic overview of the whole project, the participants can read their upcoming tasks, delayed tasks or get information regarding critical tasks in the schedule. On the other hand they can observe and analyze if the tasks and the resources are aligned with the project budget. The reports available in this project viewer provide a specially formatted overview of the project, its tasks, resources and assignments which is ready to be printed.

With a project viewer, you can have an overview of the project with personalized views and custom filtering, custom layouts, possibility to compare the baselines from several project schedule versions and also an interactive and dynamic view of the activity details with easy visualization in Gantt chart.

4. Collaboration

By .pdf sharing, users receive their tasks, but they do not have overview of how they fit in the whole of the project. With a project viewer, each member will have the opportunity to view specific parts of the project plan, and move through the various options and settings, make filters and groups.

This way schedulers and managers can allow their team members, team leads and other project participants a greater involvement in the health of the project plan and the project`s success by seeing the graphical reports as in the basic software, avoiding the negative side effects and missed opportunities to build a more effective team environment.

Communication and collaboration are easily reachable in the project viewer since it supports progress update feature – which provides the team members with the ability to send activity and assignment progress feedback, being highly engaged in the project by having the full overview of the task relations, speeding up the communication and also improve coordination among the project team by knowing their working positions relations.

5. Motivation

Project participants are another link in the chain. By having a clear picture of the project and its status, teams and the team members, project managers and all the stakeholders are going to be motivated by the feeling that they are contributing with their own knowledge, skills and labor in the realization of the project which always leads to improved performance by each member.
Motivation always leads to efficiency, as efficiency always lead to success.

If the scheduling adherence rises 50 percent, than productivity can improve by over 60 percent. But if the adherence is accompanied by an easily tracked projects, better overview, avoided time consuming communication, improved collaboration and motivated efficiency, than project success can improve by 99%. If all of this is accompanied by decreased costs and significant time and effort saved, then having project viewer in your company is pretty effective investment.

It’s important to consider all the potential benefits of certain viewers, so you can choose the one that’s right for you, because all Project Viewers won’t let you do all this. If you’re even remotely interested in project improvement, with all this prospective ways to benefit by using a single project viewer you should give a spin to ScheduleReader.

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