Tips to Write Resume for Project Management Jobs

A right way getting a job is that prepare your portfolio or proper professional resume as according to your knowledge and technical experience. It’s not about experience that matters in Project Management Jobs, but it is the only logic and approach of catering different scenarios of projects that matters. If you are thinking that you are new grad and how you have your portfolio? Keep it in mind that if you are getting into management side just due to earning money, then believe me, you are going in the dark, just divert yourself from management then. If you want to be a successful manager, there should be spark in you and you should be ambitiously in your thoughts and it should be depicted in your work. I have seen at dozens of good managers who started their career with internships, they got involved in an open-source project and then they float their own projects in the market. No matter what you look like, companies are more concerned with what you are giving them in return if they hire you so prepare yourself accordingly.

Introduce yourself to market, show your work, write your management skills, trainings, certification those are registered with well-known certified organizations, try to make a name and value in your field. Let me share an example with you, just assume I am a recruiter and have to select one candidate out of two without interviewing them and seeing their resumes, what would I do? I will catch both of them on the internet, I will search their work that have they made their identity in the market? And I may also visit their linked-In profile or maybe their Facebook or twitter accounts, and in this way I will select the right person. So start your work from today, get yourself introduced to others, and make your identity.

Don’t hesitate if you don’t have a degree. If you are good at what you are doing, you are better than degree holders. When someone starts his management education, awareness is the skill that teachers introduce them, and if you are so much talented that you can work so hard that you can beat any degree holder then you are the best, you are not only best for yourself, instead you are best for any company. If you know how to work, if you know how to manage, if you know how to link things together and if you know how to solve a problem then you are a genius and thousands of companies are looking for you. When you have followed these rules, believe me companies are in search of you.

Resume should be like, it will speak your characteristics on its own; like your bachelors background, if you did Masters just put your major in your resumes. All the project on which you worked and all the areas on which you were appointed as PM. Your responsibilities in that area, you strength and goals for the future, your biggest accomplishment all should be mentioned in that final resume.

Muhammad Abdul Wajid Rai

Hey! I am Abdul Wajid. I am a Civil Engineer and have done Masters in Project Management. I have served for about 7 years in Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Controlling of large and complex projects. I have conducted a lot of trainings and workshops on Project Management and Primavera P6 software.

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