What is a Project?

“A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result” – A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, Fifth Edition (PMBoK® Guide)

Temporary means every project has some definite beginning and definitive end. Or you can say every project has to be completed in definite amount of time. However the product, service or result which you achieve through a project is not temporary. For example an office can be constructed in 1 year, which is a definite time, but this office will serve its owner or employees for a very large amount of time.

Unique means every project is different from other and in many ways.  Two houses with same design are different from one another in terms of their location and also they cannot be constructed in equal amount of time or with same site conditions. One house may have rocky strata under it which needs a different way of excavation for foundations and foundations of second house can be excavated just by a shovel.


Construction of two same houses are two different projects

So, the conclusion is:

A project is an endeavor:

  • that produces a unique product, service, or result
  • in a limited period of time or with definite beginning and an end
Engineering project

Engineering projects are, in many countries, specifically defined by legislation, which requires that such projects should be carried out by registered engineers and/or registered engineering companies. Only licensed companies can carry out such work as designing and constructing buildings, power plants, industrial facilities or installation of electrical networks as well as other type of work in the domain.

The goal of the project is specified in a contract between the owner and the construction companies. As a rule, an engineering project is broken down into design and construction phases. The outputs of the design process are drawings, calculations, and all other design documentation necessary to carry out the next phase. The next phase would normally be sending the project plans to a developer who will then help construct the plans (construction phase).


Example of an Engineering Project

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